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Does MMTi™ offer efile ?
Yes, we are Authorized IRS efile providers.

Does MMTi™ offer online tax preparation ?
Yes, visit us at

Is MMTi™ ( Online Filing Safe ?
Yes, Customer personal data is protected by SSL encryption.

Is MMTi™ open year round ?
Yes, our office is open year round to serve your needs.

Does MMTi™ provide audit support for Professional Tax Preparation ?
Yes, we are open year round to serve your needs.

Does MMTi™ offer Satisfaction Guarantee?
Yes, a customer pay no fees, if he/she is unsatisfied and do not want to use our tax preparation service, before we file/print the return.

Can MMTi™ consultant's prepare my tax even if I am unable to come to your office ?
Absolutely, we work with our clients over the phone calls, mails, faxes and emails.

Is MMTi™ open after hours ?
We typically work from 9:00am to 9:00pm during tax season, but in special circumstances, we work with clients even after hours, based on availability of schedule.

What states can be efiled?
All states that offer electronic filing are available for efiling through MMTi™ ( Online Tax Preparation.

Would a customer who efiles receive a confirmation that the efile has been sent?
Yes, the filer will receive an email confirmation. Additionally, the filer can log back in to MMTi™ ( Online Tax Preparation to review acknowledgements for the return.

The filer can also click on the Return Status link on MMTi web site. This will direct the filer to MMTi™ ( Online Tax Preparation to review the status of the return.

Are there online help screens for MMTi™ ( Online Tax Preparation?
Yes, there is field-level and page-level help offered throughout the online preparation process.

If a customer has to stop before completing a return, will it be saved to finish later?
Yes. All the customer needs to do is click Save and return to the site to finish later.

What refund options does the taxpayer have?
- Check delivered via mail.
- Direct Deposit

What schedules and federal forms can be filed on MMTi online?

Form 1040EZ
Form 1040
Form 1098
Form 1099-DIV
Form 1099-INT
Form 1099-R
Form 1099-SSA
Form 2106
Form 2210
Form 2441
Form 4136
Form 4562
Form 4797
Form 4868
Form 5329
Form 5695
Form 6252
Form 6781
Form 8283
Form 8379
Form 8606
Form 8615
Form 8814
Form 8829
Form 8853
Form 8862
Form 8867
Form 8885
Form 8903
Form 8917
Form W-2G
Schedule C
Schedule E
Schedule H
Schedule K-1 for 1065
Schedule R
Schedule SE
Form 1040A
Form 1040-ES
Form 1099-C
Form 1099-G

Form 1099-MISC
Form 1099-RRB
Form 1116
Form 2120
Form 2439
Form 3903
Form 4137
Form 4684
Form 4835
Form 4952
Form 5405
Form 5884
Form 8082
Form 8332
Form 8396
Form 8609
Form 8801
Form 8815
Form 8839
Form 8859
Form 8863
Form 8880
Form 8889
Form 8910
Form W-2
Schedule A
Schedule D
Schedule F
Schedule K-1 for 1041
Schedule K-1 for 1120S
Schedule SCH


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