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Welcome to Manage My Taxes Inc™ (MMTi™) - We Save you Time & Money!!

MMTi™ provides Online Tax Preparation, one-on-one Professional Tax Preparation, Tax Review, Electronic Filing, Audit Assistance, Payroll Services, Small Business Consulting & Incorporation services.

MMTI™ has partnered with Drake Software's to provide you the highest quality, comprehensive and one of the most affordable online tax preparation & e-file services. For 31+ years, our partner has provided accountants and other tax professionals the tools they need to build their businesses and attract new clients. MMTi™ Online Tax Preparation, powered by industry-standard software that professional accountants use nationwide, to complete and e-file your own tax return and get refunds arrive in as little as 10 days.

MMTI™ one-on-one Professional Tax Preparation, is one of the most thorough and unhurried tax preparation service, you would ever receive. We ask a lot of questions that most other tax prepares dont think about. This is how we saved a client an additional $4208 on previous years tax return prepared by the world's largest tax service provider. Because we take the time, our clients often remark that they feel they have never really had a thorough tax return prepared before. We ensure that loan points/origination cost paid on purchase of new homes, savers tax credit, retirement contribution benefits are not missed out. We always ensure that your filing status results in the lowest possible tax possible.

We have up-to-date knowledge, extensive training and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our customers take advantage of every tax saving allowable under the law. We ensure that our customers take advantage of all the recent tax law changes like $8000 First Time Home buyers Tax Credit, Payroll Tax Credit, New Vehicle Sales Tax Deduction, College Tuition Tax Credits, Training Tax Credits/Deductions, Residential Energy-Efficient Tax Credit, Unemployment Benefit Tax Exclusion etc.

Our Fees are one of the most affordable in the market place. You will actually spend less with me for the more thorough return than with the big commercial outlet. Our clients are so happy with our services, that we are able to run specials like 'iDecide', where the customer decides the tax preparation fees he/she pays, based on the value of services, he/she receives. Now not many companies can do that. For details, please check our iDecide offer.

MMTi™ Payroll Services, uses state-of-the-art computerized payroll processing system. We handle all payroll tasks from paycheck processing to quarterly and annual payroll tax filings. Payroll can be handled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or to suit your company schedule.

We always communicate with clients within 24 business hours of their communications. This can be email, fax, phone, voice mail or message through another staff member.

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